Tabtour Salzburg

Outdoor & Active

The tabtour is an individualized corporate event that emphasizes team experience, excitement, fun and learning success. The playing field is Salzburg's Old Town. Up to 40 different questions, tasks and stations have to be solved interactively in teams using a map on a tablet.

The topics range from lifestyle, culinary, business, sports, history, art, culture, to daily events and are related to Salzburg and its surroundings.


Team Challenge & Highscore

To solve a question, players must be within 80 meters of the spot. The map not only shows the own location, but also the spot of the other groups - which keeps the individual teams in mind at all times!

To increase the interaction of the players, the tasks are not only on tablets, but also individual stations are set up throughout the city, which demands the active commitment of each team member. The solution to the tasks varies in its design, such as multiple-choice questions (sometimes with several correct answer options), evidence photos, open questions or active stations with tastings, speed, accuracy or creativity tasks.

The highscore offers a permanent overview of the single ranking of each team compared to the other groups. In order to maintain the tension until the end of the game, the highscore is switched invisibly shortly before the end of the playtime. Thus, the respective teams no longer see which place in the statistics they hold.


Plus for companies and working teams

Individual company-specific questions and stations can be prepared in advance and take up current topics of the team or company. In addition to the possibility to distribute branded team bandanas or capes in different colors, there is also the option to brand the tabtour game interface and thus give it its own design!


The Facts

  • One team consists of a maximum of 10 players. There are no limits to the number of teams.
  • Playing time: 2.5 - 3 hours, whereas 40 questions can be optimally solved. The game time is scheduled on the tablet, which ensures that each team has the same opportunities.
  • With the tablet camera, the teams can capture unique moments during the tab tour. Via live-chat, teams can contact the operator at any time in case of problems.
  • The award ceremony can be held at the end of the session optionally combined with a lunch or dinner.

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  • 5020 Salzburg


  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Outdoor & Active
  • Team building